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Waterproofing Basement

Sam Homes provide professional carpentry services for Crown Molding, Baseboards installation and Wood Trims. We do Windows installation,repairs & fixing. Also New Doors installation including Storm Doors, Fix Screen Doors, Sliding Screen Doors, Screen Windows and Screen Repair. We also provide services for installation, repair, and finishing of cabinets, windows casing, sash casing, door casing, wooden flooring baseboards, wooden countertops, custom carpentry, interior carpentry and other millwork.

Sam Homes also provide services for the installation, repair, improvement, or removal of materials classified as insulating media used for the sole purpose of temperature control or sound control of residential properties including basement wall insulation, blown wall insulation, exterior insulation and spray foam wall insulation. We also provide services for waterproofing, epoxy work for basement walls, concrete sealer, caulking and applying other waterproofing techniques to fix leakages.

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